On The Bench 100b: Vince Hoffman’s Aries

Next we look at Vince Hoffman’s Aries pod from 2001.   We first looked at this a few weeks ago.


Here’s an update to the Aries 1b cockpit that’s been my main focus the last couple of months.  Besides taking a couple of weeks off from modeling, steady progress is being made on this little research nightmare.

I’ve managed to get the entire cockpit roughed in and the next step will be to make the pilot and co-pilot seats as well as the 2 jump seats in the back.

I may re-make the rear bulkhead because some of the ribs in the door did not turn out straight and they stick out like a sore thumb.

Here’s another pic you can add to the bunch…  These are the pilot and co-pilot seats without the cushions, and the glue barely dry.  The seat cushions will be made from epoxy putty and cut to fit inside the arm rests.