On the Bench 15: Mark Fergel’s AT-ST

From May 1998

This week we bring you a fine companion to last weeks On The Bench.   Mark Fergel  has been working on an AT-ST from the Star Wars movies.

Mark says, “This is what I’ve got on my workbench. Or more like one of the things on my workbench. I sanded off all of the side detail and replaced it with sheet styrene. I also cut open the windows and replaced those with styrene as well. You can see in these photos how much sheet styrene I added to the kit. I added a brass rail on the top and removed the front toes (wire cutters) and replaced the toe shafts with styrene tube. I also seperated the upper thigh portion from the waist and filled in the gaps with Milliput. I drilled out all of the gun/laser holes and added some tubing going from the waist section to the control pod. The kit is still far from accurate but it looks a lot better than the stock snap fit. Hope to have it painted soon.”