On the Bench 185b: Dave Fuller’s Star Wars Dreadnaught


Here are some pics of a Star Wars dreadnaught that I am scratchbuilding. It is my second atempt at scratchbuilding. My first was the “Wilde Karrde”. My only source was really the “essential guide to vehices and vessels” for this dreadnaught. I picked the dreadnaught for mostly the same reasons that I did the karrde. This one had a few more curves to it, but looked like a logical next step.

Because the book I used only gives two views (this one was the side and front) and the views don’t always agree with each-other, I had to re-do a few sections of the ship, somtimes more than once (it’s all part of the learning process I guess). And because the ship hase not been used in any movies there is some leeway as to the accuracy, so that lets me compensate for lack of detailed (and flawed) plans.

Dave Fuller