On The Bench 19: Henry Wayne’s X-Wing

From 1998:


This week we bring you yet another return to the bench with Henry Wayne’sscratchbuilt X-Wing. You may recall that we first viewed this ship in the April 19th On The Bench.

Henry says, “I thought I’d show you the progress that has come along on my Movie scale X-wing. This is how far I’ve come so far. The X wing is a modification of the North Coast Rocketry XWing. It requires quite a bit of work to modify the kit to a reasonable example of an X but the kit can be modified with patience and it includes many useful parts like Engine cones Laser Canons, etc. ”

Henry continues…”If you get a couple of Airfix Saturn V kits you can use the Third Stage parts to make the engine covers that is how the Special Effects artists made the real ones.”

“I am not looking to produce an exact replica just a nice desk restoration. Besides anything is better than the Ertl representation (shown in some of the pix for a size comparison).”

“The last is with my son holding the kit to date I hope to finish it in September sometime.”

Lastly, here is a look at the Y-Wing that Henry was also working on earlier.