On The Bench 190B: Mike Lord’s USS Yamato

Mike Lord brings us his new project, the battle damaged USS Yamato.

This is based on the sequence from the next generation episode Contagion where the warp core of the malfunctioning Yamato explodes blowing the saucer section off. This is a conversion of the ERTL 1701 D and shows the hull disintegrating allowing the interior to be shown which is made up of the usual kit-bashers fodder – tank parts and photo etched ship detail sets.

I’ve given it a heavy wash of acrylic gun metal which has given the hull a scorched look while giving the interior a metallic finish (a complete fluke!) I’ve also used the shuttle bay kit that is available for the ERTL kit minus the tiny shuttles.

I still need to finish the bottom of the saucer – I’m still not sure if any of the neck would have survived and what effect an exploding warp core would have on the saucers hull and if I should add the red outline to the shrinking hull sections.

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