On The Bench 190C: David Fox’s Models

Finally, David Fox brings us photos of a couple projects that he is working on.

The first 2 pics are of a Space 1999 Hawk Interceptor model that was already built up, sprayed dark blue and had a liberal amount of glue strewn all over it. I bought it off of E-Bay about 11 months ago, I stripped & disassembled it and salvaged as much of the original parts as possible.

I added all the detail that the studio model had using reference photos and technical drawings. I scratch built a complete cockpit for it and cut open what I deemed would most likely be the cockpit hatches and have them set aside for installation later. I also cut out the windshields and installed some dark tinted clear plastic. These pictures represent the Original version prior to the directors deciding to paint the bright orange sections on the final version for television because they thought it looked to much like the Eagle spacecraft on the show.

This model has yet to be completed.

The Next 3 pictures are of a Kit-Bashed/Scratch-built Wolf Interceptor I am also trying to complete.

The Wolf Interceptor started out as a 1/48th scale Testors SR-71 Blackbird, But now is a Wolf Interceptor 2 of the U.E.D.F. “United Earth Defense Force”.

I had already Built a Single Seat version of the Wolf Interceptor 1, however this one is now disassembled and slated for restoration since it is 11 years old and showing its age.


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