On The Bench 192: Trent Bennett’s Voyager


Okay this is the Limited Edition Voyager model kit that Revell put out a while ago. I’m building this up for a buddy of mine and renaming it after the air craft carrier he’s stationed on, which is the U.S.S. Stennis, but the registry number is gonna be NCC-74950.

Anyways, I AIRBRUSHED the whole model Model Master Testor’s Light Gray, and used Medium Gray for the darker gray spots. And since Light Gray just blended in with the model anyways, for sensor deals around the bridge and aerowing white and it pretty much sets it off balance to the rest of the model.

The phaser strips, RCS thrusters, deflector dish, and auxiliary deflector dish was painted Military Brown. For gray sensor palets, I just painted them the Medium Gray like I did with all the darker hull panels of the ship, and for the details I just followed the instructions that came with the kit. The inner blue part of the deflector dish, and the engine nacelle grids I just pained Testors sky blue and it came out nicely in my opinion.

For the impulse engines I painted them sunburt orange, which I believe was acrylic paint…I might be wrong since I had to throw away the bottle. The bussard collectors and photon torpedo tubes were painted your usual red. You might also have seen that there are formation lights and the ribs around the bridge on the model…these features of course were not originally with the model, I added that myself. For the ribs around the bridge I used .025” plastic styrene rod and for the formation lights I just used the balls from straight sewing pins.

I will be getting a set of resin landing gear for the model kit that will be a nice addition…and yes they are the exact landing gear you see on the show from when the ship landed a few times.

Trent Bennett

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