On The Bench 195: Dave Ruther’s Firefly part 5

 We wrap up this final installment of this ongoing project form Dave Ruther.

I proceeded with the fiddly bits and pieces and jobs that I had put off, such as the windscreen…

Following advice from my better half, I attempted to build the windscreen from an old lemonade bottle. Alas, after much cutting, marking and swearing (in that order), it was just slightly the wrong shape. I really couldn’t face building a wooden former and vacuum forming, so attempted using a flat piece of clear styrene sheet. I carefully marked it and cut it to the right shape and size. Then I cut slots into the window recess in the model. I eased it in and…presto! It popped in like a real windscreen! Little dabs of glue in the corners stopped it from coming back out. Don’t you just love it when the worst jobs turn out really easy!

Next task was various bits and bobs, including the wing lights which were made from the ends of model aircraft missiles, headlights which were the caps from containers and the twin roof horns which were stretched plastic tube with the tips of more aircraft missiles!

Other sundry items consisted of the chequered signs, girder sections made from plastic sheet and aerial holder which was the nut from a toggle switch (appears to be the same as the one used on the original…). Also, the red canisters, which were the engines cut down from an X-Wing model.

I finally finished my ‘Thunderbirds’ ‘Firefly’ model.

I have enclosed a few pics of the finished article, in traditional ‘Thunderbirds’ style! I knocked up a desert scene for a couple of the pics and a replica set of one of ‘Thunderbird 2’s’ pods (I tell ya, it’s big!).


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