On The Bench 197: Marc King’s Batboat



Marc King gives us a look at this project he is working on. Check out Marc’s other models on the CultTVman site

I decided to do this one just for fun, I couldn’t help but add a few extras. I added

  • some stainless mesh in the front intakes
  • a photoetched bat radar
  • some styrene strip along the outside to hide the seam (this will be covered with metalic tape after the painting is done)
  • a new steering wheel halved from a car model
  • some photoetched bat emblems in the steering wheel and on the handset for the radio
  • replaced the wire to the handset with some brass coiled wire
  • filled the slots in the dash where the windows are supposed to sit for a better look
  • added the resin bat siren, metal throttle and fire extinguisher.
  • I opened up all the intakes on the small vents, a real pain in the ass but what a difference it makes.


Time for priming and painting next.



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