On The Bench 203: Steve Gardner’s Enterprise C

Here’s my cutaway Enterprise C model converted from the clear plastic version for lights, etc.

It seemed a sin to put paint on this clear version, so I decided to paint only 50% and leave the other 50% clear to allow an interior to be seen – that was the plan for the saucer, until I painted the wrong side of the lower half!

I decided to base the interior design on areas of engineering importance, that way I wouldn’t have to model thousands of tiny rooms!

The warp engine is made up from re-modeled 1701 cutaway engine parts and some bits from an electric shaver. The shuttle bays are the only parts with proper detailing on them (like bay numbers, doors and shuttle craft). The shuttle craft are from the 1701 D shuttle bay aftermarket model kit. The saucer shuttle bay is based on the huge bay the 1701 D was supposed to have had, this huge bay features even more shuttles and will feature bay numbers from the decal sheet. there should be computer core in the center of the saucer which unfortunately will not be visible – a shame, as it took quite a while to construct!

The secondary hull will have a tiny scaled warp core/shaft plus all the machines needed to power the nav deflector – it’s quite a challenge to balance the detail between to much and too little!

Now, if I can just put it together without smudging the clear parts….