On The Bench 205A: Scott Copeland’s Mad Max


Here’s most of the major components. I used the A/FX resin conversion kit to make the Aoshima “Road Warrior” Interceptor back into the “Mad Max” Interceptor. The conversion kit was well cast and fit good, the “trunk” blended into the body nicely. The trunk spoiler is a little tricky to blend into Aoshima body, but patient wet sanding will smooth it to the proper curve. At this point the body has three light coats of MM gloss black thru the airbrush, I used LMG polishing cloths between coats to get the smoothest glossiest shine, it doesn’t photo well but looks nice up close. I still have to paint the matte black panels on the hood and bottom fenders. The painting instructions also leave off the matte pin striping on the hood, but it’s very visible on the DVD.


I didn’t like the chromed engine pan or supercharger, so I took the chrome plating off with Easy-Off. After cleaning them I airbrushed the pan flat black and the supercharger body with Testors Buffable metallizer “aluminum”. I still have to wash it with India ink to bring out detail and attach the top of the supercharger intake. I’ve already done that part in Baremetal Ultra bright chrome. I like the matte engine finish much better and it’s more accurate.

The sheen on the tire rims looked good enough to me when compared to the DVD, I did drybrush the hub and bolts with MM chrome silver . I used Shabo dry-tranfers for the accurate BF Goodrich Radial markings, they are tricky but well worth the effort, they really dress the tires!

I’m super-detailing the interior now, which is kind of ridiculous because it you really won’t be able to see it when it’s assembled! This is one of my favorite movie vehicles,and I want it nice.

Almost finished, just a lot of minor detailing left. I wanted to show you the dashboard before I sealed her up, most of the interior will be unviewable, but I wanted to make it accurate anyway!

Scott Copeland