On The Bench 205B: Mike Aucutt’s Galactica


I have spent my winter building another dream project, a three and a half foot Battlestar Galactica. I was inspired by the Yahoo Group “galacticabuilders”. These guys buy all the model kits used in the actual studio miniature and create a masterpiece, clearly costing thousands and worth even more.

That being beyond my means I took another approach. I built the basic hull out of foam-board, which has worked quite well. I then cover the hull with various thickness and textures of styrene. Lastly I create the detail from scrap plastic and spare parts. The ship when complete will be lighted with a detailed landing bays and navigation lights. My blueprints were faulty which has created some errors, I had to rebuild the engine section, and a few other minor errors will be over looked. So far I am pleased with the results and the total investment so far is only $75.00. Enclosed are three photos. Two of the foam-board hull and one with sheeting and detail about 30% complete. I will post more as things progress. A project like this is measured in inches completed Vs hours per night.

Mike Aucutt