On The Bench 218a: J.R. Aiello’s Projects

Here is a few projects from J.R. Aiello:


Here’s the AMT 18″ conversion I’ve been working on. It’s a pretty straight forward build. I cut the secondary hull from the dorsal support pylon, cut the strut from the warp engine. Then I filled the hole left by that because the intercoolers weren’t going to line up correctly otherwise. After that I attached the dorsal and puttied it. Painted it in enamels with gloss white, Testor’s Guard’s Red for the warp engine, and Testor’s aluminum for the rest of the engine. Then only thing I didn’t have was the upper dome and the lower sensor arm to attach the deflector to the dish.

Klingon Battlecruiser: Except for some recent sanding, I haven’t touched this thing in a couple of years. But it’s ready to final paint now. That Testor’s grey is really my primer coat. The old AMT kit didn’t need much puttying. So *why* isn’t it done? Well, I do have some 22 other Trek kits to build!

The 1/32nd Batmobile is from Imai (I believe) in Japan. Got it off E-Bay. It’s a great little kit, but the wheels are terrible. And it’s about impossible to find ANY 1/32nd wheels, let alone ones that look proper.

The Mach V is coming along nicely, but I’m building it with my 10-year-old niece, so it’s slow going. The upside is that it’s being done right, and I’m sucking another person into the hobby!