On The Bench 219a: John Bendar’s Nostromo

From 2006


John Bednar brings us this impressive looking project from the original Alien movie:

First of all I would like to thank Martin Bower for his help and inspiration. The project took about three months to complete. Actually, to be honest I’m still adding detail. I’ll step back from it and see something I don’t like and make the necessary changes. I started this project back in February with the rear left tower. I never intended the project to go this far. I thought I would start it then put it away as I have with so many other projects. Then, something happened, I found myself unable to pull back and continued to work on it every day.

The towers were constructed from Plastruct plastic with the detailing added from tank kits. The platform itself is sheet plastic with a plywood center. There are between 600 and 800 domes detailing the entire ship. Other detailing has come from about 20 different tank kits as well as an assortment of other kits. Lego’s actually comprised a lot of the detailing as well. Computer parts also found their way into the detailing. The arm holding the Nostromo actually moves back and forth. I collected information about the Refinery from the internet, movie and books. Martin Bower was kind enough to give me some information as well. The overall measurements of the platform are 28″ long, 24″ wide and about 20″ from top to bottom. The Nostromo is roughly 5″.