On The Bench 24: Rafael Barreto’s Enterprise D


More from the bench of Rafael Barreto. You have seen his excellent lighting work on these pages before. This time we take a look at the retrofitting of the lighting in his Enterprise D

Rafael says, “these are pictures of my first starship model that I built in the US….I am changing the lights on the engines. My brother found these fluorescent lights, the size ideal for the model, I have been looking for this kind a long long time. I think they look great, and they run with a 12 volt source. In the past my starship was running with ligth bulbs which burn out after a while.

“You can see how I am applying the fiber optics, at the beginning, I did not wanted to put the fibers. but today I have decided to do it, I will do the same with the pylon and saucer section.”