On The Bench 34: Joe Brown’s Whitestar

Babylon 5, again this week. Joe Brown continues his foam constructed Whitestar. We last looked at this model in the May 24, 1998 On The Bench Page. The following are in-progress shots of the White Star. They show the primer coat, and the early painting attempts. Joe was not satisfied, and the ship was stripped, and re-primed, for another painting method.



The photo below shows a paint job attempt done with a marbelizing kit, using blue & purple acrylic paints. Joe says, “It’s still not awe-inspiring, but it is better than my prior efforts. My patient & understanding wife Karen is now jokingly referring to the ship as the ‘Grape Star’!”

“Since this shot, I’ve ‘misted’ the entire ship with gray, to tone down the glare, and have started the pattern that outlines the White Star using white paint. Then I mount the bow side grilles, the guns, and the trailing spines from the engines, and call this bad boy done!

Check out the completed  model