On The Bench 44: Kirk Schermerhorn’s Warbird

Kirk Schermerhorn has been working for quite some time on this lighted Romulan Warbird.

I am finally making progress on the Warbird. Look at the attachment! Masking tape!  I finally got all the filling and sanding done. I don’t know that it’s perfect but I finally decided what the hell, my first major anal modeling attempt doesn’t have to be perfect.  So I taped up the clear portions of the warp engines and have applied liquid mask to it. Now I have to painstakingly apply a tiny spot of liquid mask to the surface of each of the fiberoptic  fibers! Once it is all masked I will airbrush it with a coat of flat black (to correct a lack of adequate light sealing on the inside of the warp engines), then a coat of gray primer, then the base color. After the base coat I will probably do a wash on some of the detail that is sunk into the surface, and some pastel shading of the “feathers” . Last of all, a clear over-coat. I’m still thinking out the details of my display stand, but that can wait till after the painting.