On The Bench 61b: Markus C. Nee’s Sovereign class ship


Markus C. Nee is a master of kitbashing and has featured some great designs on his webpage.  Here he shares his latest creation.

This latest project is a heavily modified Ertl Sovereign-class kit. The design is loosely based on two of John Eaves’ alternative concept drawings of the Enterprise-E on pages 100 and 101 of the TNG Movies Sketchbook. I used the hull layout of the page 101 drawing and the warp nacelles from the page 100 drawing.

I trimmed half an inch off the edge of the primary hull of the Ertl model to create a slightly smaller and lower profile saucer section, and reworked the impulse engines to give them more of an enclosed look.

I moved the secondary hull aftward, shortened it, and enlarged the undercut (transom?). The upper secondary hull and warp nacelle pylons were scratchbuilt out of sheet styrene, and the warp nacelles are resin castings from molds I made off a scratchbuilt styrene master.

The hull is pretty much complete. The only things I have left to add are grills over the impulse engines, and a photon torpedo pod to be mounted above the shuttlebay. Then it should be ready for painting.