On The Bench 61c: Dave Austin’s Yamato

from 1999



Dave Austin is a Yamato fan, and  since he was a kid, he wanted a large scale Yamato.  The one he is sharing here is    1/144 scale Yamato will be 6′ long when complete.

I’m starting with a fiberglass r/c combat hull. That I bought from a friend and will be modified to specs. For plans, I plan to use the instruction sheet from the 1/700 scale Yamato kit. Along with pictures that I have picked-up.

I will make full-scale drawings from the instruction sheet by making an overhead by using an overhead projector. That will give me my full-scale drawings to work from. The main materials that are going to be used in building the model are styrene plastic, brass tubing and what ever works.The main features of Yamato will be: Fully detailed bridge, captains cabin and it will be remote controlled. For this, some parts will be removable to allow for rudders and propellers. Which will be removed or hidden for display.  The only thing is, it will too big to fit in my bathtub. So I guess it will not make a go od bathtub toy. And I still don’t know where I’m going to put the thing when it is done. Most of the add-ons to the hull  will be vacuformed or resin castings.

Dave Austin