On The Bench 62a: Jay Visser’s Star Destroyer

from 1999 (low res photos)


The main “pie-shaped” body was first constructed with 1/2 inch plywood and I later laminated .040 sheet styrene to the body with contact cement, I purchased the styrene from a sign supply shop, 4’X8′ sheet for $11.00 Canadian dollars. I glued all the pieces with Lacquer Thinner, it’s far more economical than paying for that hobby glue in the tubes.

The “Ionization Reactor Shell” on the bottom of the ship was vacuum formed using the bottom of a pop can that was cut off from the can and a hole was drilled in the center to allow the plastic to be “sucked” into the “can bottom”, two pieces were needed to create the dome.  I used my vacuum cleaner and my gas fireplace to pull this little trick.  All of the detail in “white” was hand crafted with sheet styrene, however the “grey” plastic pieces that are visible where scavenged from various plastic battleships that I bought in the classifieds.
The “Shield Generators” on the main tower were created by gluing small triangles together until a “ball” was created, if you don’t have any patience before doing something like this,…you will have them after your finished.

I initially was going to mold them from “beads” using RTV11 (Room Temperature Vulcanizing Rubber) but I couldn’t find any beads that I was satisfied with, you can get RTV11 at your local fiberglass supply shop.
This project is a “work in progress”, something like a super detailed Star Destroyer doesn’t want to be created “over night”, take your time and be critical with your detailing. I’m not a professional modeller, this is my first scratchbuildig project, so with the right tools and a carefull eye, anyone can do this, it all relies on technique and patience.

Jay Visser

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