On The Bench 62b: P.T. Riley’s USS Slayer

from 1999 – low res pictures


USS Slayer NCC-7038

“If it can be designed, it can probably be built.”  I have been signing my “Riley Dynamics” e-mails like that for a year or so now. This ship makes me live up to that slogan if anything I’ve done has.
Kevin Blanco of Dallas, Texas asked me to build this unique-looking ship for him.

This whole project started with a letter detailing what he was looking for. In response to my requests, he sent me rough schematics to turn into his ship.

In getting started, I took the main hull from an AMT Reliant and chopped about an inch out of it to get the shortened “Knox” style hull.  I then took the front 3/4 inch from the Reliant torpedo pod and melded it into the B-C deck housing in order to provide the saucer-mounted torpedo tubes. Modelling putty was used to match the housing to the hull.

After consulting with Kevin, I went in and used scrap plastic and putty to fill in the rear hull mismatch. Putty was used to help fill in any major gaps. The stock Reliant bridge module was then glued into place behind the torpedo structure. Per Kevin’s request, I turned the docking port piece around to form a flat wall instead of the shuttleport.

While settling on some of the final details for the main hull, i turned my attentions to the Nacelle assembly. The outer two nacelles are stock from the Reliant. I did fill in the slots for the struts. The center nacelle was made from two inner nacelle halves from a second Reliant kit.

The main engineering strut was fabricated from scrap styrene and was attached to the center nacelle. The strut attachments for the other two nacelles were made by cutting down the stock Reliant struts. Again, per Kevin, I have gone in and squared off these with scrap styrene.This is still very much a work in progress and there is more to come.

-P T Riley

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