On The Bench 65: Scott Griffiths’ Red Dwarf Gelf ship

from 1999 – low res images


This week’s project comes from Scott Griffiths.  Scott scratchbuilds ships from the series Red Dwarf.  [If you have never seen Red Dwarf, get over to your video store!]  You can see some of his other works on the Modeling Red Dwarf page.  Scott describes this ship::

Next the Gelfs arrived with a new ship the Flymo Garden vacuum Ship ?? ” Yes the whole main body shell is made up of the plastic casing from the Flymo garden vacuum. Now do I go out and buy one to get the shells ????.
No! do I Hell , I phoned Flymo and spoke to some young girl who put me through to the stores and some guy called Andy who asked me what I wanted it for, when I told him he replyed “no probs mate I`ll get one out to you tonight”. Next day the shell arrived with no charge what so ever. Thanks go to Flymo for this. (image 6 )

Once again back to the videos. No luck what so ever with this one all the images of the Gelf ship are far to dark. Now I`m stuck with an empty garden hover shell and no idea what the Gelf ship really looks like. Give up, No chance !! I wrote to the BBC Television Visual effects dept enclosing some photos of the Starbug and Blue Midget asking if there was any chance of a visit to photograph the Gelf ship. 3 days later they phoned  me and asked when I would be arriving. What a great time all day at the BBC Visual Effects Dept as many photos of the Gelf ship I wanted and an open invite to return if I need any more. Many thanks to all at the BBC Visual Effects Dept.

As you can see this is still an ongoing project but hopefully it will get finished this year. (image 6- onwards)

Scott Griffiths