On The Bench 72a: Jerry Oliver’s Omega-X

from 1999


First, Jerry Oliver presents us with a scratch building project from the universe of Babylon 5.

I’m a model builder for a consulting engineering company in Canada called RWDI, and we do wind tunnel testing on buildings all over the world. This is my first time building a starship from scratch. So far it has been fun. A friend that works there is building a very detailed X-Wing from scratch. It looks very cool. Well he talked me into building one.  I like to paint models and have been itching to try to paint a Shadow vessel.  I thought the Omega-X’s were cool.



First  thing I did was to draw up detail plans on Autocad (I’m a draftsman by trade). I thought 1:2500 scale  would be a good scale to work with.  The Omega-X should be nearly 24″ long


The spines on the Omega-x so far, have been the hardest thing to come up with an idea on how to make them. Any help on that part would be great


one night I thought a Nova would look cool sitting next to the Omega-X.  With the  Omega-X  nearly 24″ long ,  the Nova should be a little smaller.


The models are made from scrap plexi, styrene plastic. So far all of the plastic has been cut on a table saw. There has been lots of wet sanding, hahaha, and a lot of trial and error. . I can’t wait to paint them.