On The Bench 84: Lez Cook’s Rancor part 2

Just in case you wanted it, here’s some more of the Rancor I’m doing.

This picture shows the beast after several coats of the chocolate brown, in some cases alternated with the forest green that I’ve used.



After several goes at painting, alternating between the green and brown, using washes and airbrushing I finally achieved a look I was happy with for the skin tones, and began to pick out the claws, teeth, and other bony protrusions in a soft Ivory colour, although it appears bright white using flash photography.


The paint you can see on the small plate is actually the colour being used on the teeth and nails.


My next step was to try out some weathering/dirtying down on some of the ivory parts, I decided to do this before I’d gone too far in case I messed it up and had to re-paint it all. This is what the teeth and face looked like before and after the first wash.


And here is one completely weathered hand, I used two very thin washes of dark oak brown, letting the first settle at the back of the nail, then completely covering the nail with the second coat and wiping off the excess with my finger when the wash had partially dried.


Happy with the effect I’d achieved I then repeated this process for the toe nails.


This is how it looks at the moment, I still have a lot of dirtying to do, and some of the protrusions through the skin need to be completely hidden, as on the studio model.

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