On The Bench 85b: Nick Sadler’s Quake weapon

from 1999


Nick Sadler, from  Liverpool, England.brings us this model. ” It’s a copy of a double barrelled shotgun, as featured in the sci fi adventure PC game Quake 2. I’ve used the digital 3d model in the game as a reference and built it from there.It’s constructed using ABS plumbing pipe, Sheet styrene, MDF and Epoxy putty.The shots I’ve included feature the gun seen side on, propped on two VHS tapes.  I designed it for a right handed user, the finger mouldings and made in Putty, which I found adheres to the MDF very well,,, The button seen on the grip Is supposed to be a thumb activated Flashlight, or laser sight……The green shoulder rest at the rear of the gun, doubles as a removable magazine, holding around 18 shells..I used a variety of glues and paints – Cyanoacrylate was invaluable when fixing two incompatible plastics together – poly cement won’t dissolve abs at all! it also fixed the styrene to the MDF extremely securely…It’s painted with Hammerite gate paint, automotive primers, and Humbrol aerosol finishing enamel.