On The Bench 87: Alberto Rodriguez Cervantes’ Endo-skeleton

This week we take a trip south of the boarder to Mexico.  Alberto Rodriguez Cervantes has taken a creative approach to building a Terminator Endo-skeleton
This is my work in progress —  the Terminator Endoskeleton.  The first problem is I don’t have one model kit of the Terminator!  You see, in Mexico, it  is very, very hard to find model kits of this kind, mail service is very bad and is not secure.   And  price is too $$$$$$$$$$$$

So , I only can get the head and torso from a Horizon kit, thanks a friend here in Mexico.  This is a big problem  because I had to make all the other pieces from the kit.  The same friend showed me a toy of  the Terminator  from a company called TOY ISLAND.  The toy is perfect for my kit.   The modification  of parts is hard but is all right.  Also the toy has an endo rifle with sound.
The legs are moved., and I cut the feet off  for easy repositioning on  the base.
The hand is the big problem.  In the pictures of the hand from Terminator, it  is not only rods.  I used tubing, guitar strings, and epoxy putty for sculpting the joints.  The idea comes from John Zizolfo’s Terminator and Stefan Linder from Swede Creations at www.swedecreations.com  (the use of Guitar Strings).

IN this close up of  the endo hand, you can see the guitar strings inside the tubing. Of course the hand is not finished.  This is only a test.


The size from hand is 1/6 scale –I think!

The plastic  Endo Rifle .   I made modifications and sanded it all.  The screws were  puttied or sealed.

In this picture you can see the button for the sound from the  endo gun.  It is the little square, which you push and hear a sound.