On The Bench 91: Lez Cook’s Rancor part 3

from 2000

Time for another look at Lez Cook’s Rancor.   We first viewed this moel in November and December of 1999.   Now you can see he is a bid closer to completion.



Here are a few more pictures of the RANCOR, he’s nearly done now except for fine detailing and a scale Luke and bone.I may have to re-model my collectors edition Bespin Luke (all in the name of art).  Anyhow enough waffle, on with the photo’s.

Applying the second wash to the Monsters bony protrusions,(unfortunately the flash has bleached the picture a bit so you can’t see the rust coloured first coat.
This is a picture of the hoof, with painting complete apart from the final clear cotes, which being satin should not make a great deal of difference to the final colour.
Just remains now to add the drool(either Araldite Rapid or Airfix Clearfix) and he’ll be ready to swallow a Gammorean Guard.
His scaly bits were done with several washes of alternating blue & green.  Working up to a dark Forest green for his upper back and shoulders, ( the blending looks better in natural light honest ! ).
Here is another good example of flash bleaching, just look at the difference between the side where the flash hit directly, and the shadow side.
With all the comments I received regarding the contrast between the horror of the beast and the beauty of the lace tablecloth, I just had to include this long shot. (ha,ha)
And for the benefit of those not into Lace Tablecloths, I’ve invested in some new card for a neutral background because I don’t have time for intricate Diorama’s just yet.





This’ll be about it for the Rancor, until I sort out his victim,  I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Steve a.k.a. ( Cult TV man ) for giving me the forum to display my work and the motivation to knuckle down and get the kits done.