On The Bench 92b: Joe Brown’s Protector

And here we have something quite exciting from Joe Brown!




Here’s the Protector, getting close to the final detailing stage.  The main hull is 2 styrofoam cones joined together at their bases; the engine pylons are .040 styrene, heated and bent into shape; and the ‘wings’ are more styrofoam.  The two forward engines are pink Dow insulation foam, and the two aft engines are balsa.  I’ve managed to keep the costs on this one down to under $15.00 (so far!); I do not look forward to painting the hull banner, the ship’s name/registry numbers, or the logo onto the tops of the two forward engines. But overall, so far, so good!

I’m working with the same dimensions that were on the Amazon Auction page for the model that was being bid on. ($6000.00, plus $25 for shipping. Sheeesh!).

I’ll try to get more of the finished shots to you before the Atlanta Model Expo; I can make no promises though, as I’m trying to get some other models finished up (that Minbari crusier, and a 1/87 scale TAC fighter).