On the Bench 96a: Jay Chladek;s Phase 2 Enterprise

From Jay Chladek we have this look at the Phase 2 Enterprise from the aborted Star Trek series in the late seventies.

I started this model project about three years ago, then put it away for a while, now I’m working on it for this year’s Wonderfest. The Phase 2 Enteprise project is an attempt to make a model of the U.S.S. Enterprise for the never filmed television series, Star Trek Phase 2 in 1978, plans for which were scrapped when Paramount decided to go ahead with Star Trek the Motion Picture. Elements of the .

Phase 2 model were incorperated into the refitted U.S.S. Enterprise, but the phase 2 ship had several other elements that were closer to those of the classic Enterprise model from the original TV series. Parts of my model are from the AMT/Ertl Enterprise A kit and the TOS Enterprise cutaway kit, along with a few other elements which are scratchbuilt.

My biggest challenge is in making the warp nacelles, which share only a passing resemblence with their movie Enterprise cousins. This provided the biggest stumbling block and were the reason for shelving the project the last time, but now I had a good solution. The center of the Phase 2 warp nacelles are about the same shape as the movie ones, with the front ends requiring the most conversion work. I had a pair of built up smooth movie style warp engines from a left over Sci Fi Space Ship Miniatures Avenger class (Reliant) vac kit that I had abandoned years ago, so I decided to use those for my warp nacelles. I chopped the front end off one of the nacelles and modified the front part heavily with

Evergreen sheet, strip and grooved styrene, Milliput and balsa wood until it matched the features of the Phase 2 warp engine. Then I made a mold from silicone RTV and casted two resin nacelle fronts to use on both warp engines. In the picture, you can see the first resin part grafted to the front of one of the two warp nacelles and the second (as yet) unmodified warp nacelle for comparison. Additional modifications still have to be made to the warp nacelle pieces, but the project is moving along quite well right now. Another added benefit is that since the Avenger vac warp engines originally were tooled up from the smooth hull movie Enterprise kit, there is no etched grid to fill.

After the warp engines, more work will be required to the already started primary and secondary hulls and a set of center and warp pylons will need to be scratchbuilt. I also plan to make some custom decals for the model. Hopefully it should be ready for Wonderfest with time to spare. Additional information about Star Trek Phase 2 can be found in the Star Trek Phase 2 and the Art of Star Trek books, both written by Judith and Garfield Reeve-Stevens and published by Pocket Books

Jay Chladek