On The Bench 98: John Nelson’s Trek Models

From 2000
This week, John Nelson brings us some of his Trek models under construction.

Here are pictures of the TOS USS Enterprise by AMT/ERTL (1998). This model has been modified using Don Matthys’ DLM Accurizing Kit for this model. By using the instructions provided with Don’s kit, this model was assembled with little difficulty.

The Bridge/Deck 2,3 was replaced with the cast resin part (after joining the upper hull together, and removing the inaccurate part), with little sanding, and the fit was “Like a Glove”!

The remolded deflector dish was very impressive (given the short cut AMT/ERTL used for their’s) and fit nicely. The new flush vents, nacelle end  caps, reactor loops, and fine detailing all where applied with little trouble (just taking the necessary cutting, sanding, and priming time to ensure proper fit)!

This model will be “topped off” with accurate decals bought from STModeler!



This particular model was molded around Star Trek V:The Final Frontier, and is inaccurate as all the other versions.

After securing Don’s kit for this model as well I began to work. Replacing a part of the saucer and fitting the resin “rec deck” in with some minor “trial and error”, the part fit snugly! I filed down the bridge dome and detail, and the outer saucer rims and windows.

On the lower saucer I replaced the planetary sensor and dome, with the resin part and added the dorsal extension after attaching the dorsal to the saucer.

On the dorsal, I replaced the highly inaccurate photon torpedo tubes with the resin part provided. A much more impressive looking part I might add!

The front vents of the nacelles where also replaced with more accurate, and better fitting, resin castings. On the engineering hull, Don’s navigational deflector and housing fit great. The detail was excellent (right up to the little circles scribed onto the outer ring. The final bit is to mount the additional phaser housings to the Engineering Hull, then begin priming for the intricate painting scheme required to complete this model!

Don has exquisite supplemental decals for the TMP Enterprise, and I plan to have this ship represent the Original Enterprise during the first movie!