On The Bench: Kirk Schermerhorn’s Romulan Warbird part 1

From 1998

This is a work in progress, and Kirk promises more photos as the model develops.


The forward section was done by hand drilling about 250 holes with a pin vice and individually super gluing .5 mm fiber optic strands through. you can see the fiber optic “whiskers” on the outside that will be trimmed flush after painting. To light the fibers I simply attached a small piece of light sheet to the end of the fiber optic bundle with some silicone rubber. You can see the strands glowing in the picture taken with the lights on, and the picture with the lights out shows just how much a dime sized piece of light puts out!



For the rear section I drilled about 150 more holes. The fiber bundle was to big to allow assembly of the two halves, so I had to paint the inside black, clip the fibers off flush, and put two light sheets inside back to back facing out.



For the warp engines I again used Light sheets. I placed some green filter material behind the clear engine panel and backed that with one continuous sheet of white light sheet bent around at the front to light both sides. I discovered that even the white light sheet has a lot of blue to it, because even with the green filter, it still glows blue when lit.