Orlando IPMS 2003

March 2003 photos by Jim James

Modelpalooza, IPMS Orlando, March 29 & 30, 2003

Orlando is treadhead and aircraft modeler country and this was reflected in the 17 available (includes junior, collections and dioramas) categories for aircraft and 14 available categories for armor at Modelpalooza in Orlando last weekend. In comparison, there were only 7 available Science Fiction categories.

There was a low turnout in SF vehicles (6). The second and third winners were not there when I registered and not there the next morning for the awards but I did meet Patrick Tomlinson (who lurks on the boards) who took first place for his Enterprise C. Figures were well represented with Michael Ferrara taking first and second with his familiar “How wude” sculpture (Gamorrean with Jar Jar’s head) and a really nice Ymir.

In comic figures, a Hulk/Terminator duo took first place with an equally impressive Swamp Thing in second. However, you really have to start questioning the judges when they give third place (out of a fairly wide field) to an almost OOB PL Jetsons Spaceship.

In spite of a good SF showing in collections, awards went to the only two groups of armor and a collection of post-WW2 destroyers – the armor was pretty sweet, I have to admit. In dioramas, there were three categories and Polar Lights was represented among the winners with a C-57D diorama and the Kiss Destroyer diorama – both by Chris Bird.

Most of the stuff available from dealers were old model kits. There was little new product and not much in custom resin parts. There were no sci-fi dealers. Besides Patrick, I also ran into Anthony King who frequents Starship Modeler and our own CultTVMan BBer, Storvick.

Jim James