Walker Aztec Templates

Michael Walker of Walker Enterprises prepared this primary hull of the Enterprise B as to demonstrate the results of his Aztec Templates. The templates allow a modeler to reproduce the distinctive panels painted on many of the Star Trek studio models.

Michael assembled the primary hull as per kit instructions to show the kit in it’s bare form, leaving an upper and lower section in bare plastic. He then painted the remainder of the hull with a flat white basecoat. Leaving a few sections in flat white, Michael then painted the alternating Aztec panels using Liqutex iridescent white. When the first Aztecing was completed, he used the alternate template to ‘fill in’ (paint) the remaining sections.

After the hull was painted, Michael used a combination of DLM and JTgraphics decals to completely ‘finish’ the starboard side of the ship.

Walker Enterprises currently offers templates for painting the Enterprise A, Enterprise B, Reliant, and Excelsior.

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